Ebola, Murder, and Circus Freakshow Peeps

Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, my affinity for the color red and Easter Peeps may not be the perfect combination. And when you factor in the ritual of biting the ears off chocolate bunnies, well, let’s just say that my springtime creations might not be something you’d bring to brunch at Grandma’s house. When I think of Easter, I think of knife-welding marshmallow peep bunnies, don’t you? Take for example the recent cancellation of the Easter egg hunt due to aggressive helicopter parents. All that sugar and competition is a recipe for disaster and mayhem.

Nothing says Easter like a knife-welding Peep bunny

Nothing says Easter like a knife-welding Peep bunny

Plus, I think we all can (and should) not limit the ear-whacking off to just chocolate bunnies. By embracing this time-honored tradition with peeps, we can create a fabulous excuse to infuse all that horrific pastel with some bold red. All that pale pink, the “I’ve consumed my 8 glasses of water” pee yellow, and the acid-wash blue are all just begging for a burst of solid, fully committed color.

A burst of bold color is a welcome sight on Easter's pastel color pallete

A burst of bold color is a welcome sight on Easter's sedate pastel palette

Ah, but what if all the murder and mayhem and lopping off of heads isn’t your first choice for celebrating Easter and the coming of Spring. What then? And how do we bring a little bit of balance into the total bunnification of Easter? How do we honor and celebrate the trend of backyard city chickens and the original Peep? How do we add drama and excitement? Well, if you’re like me and you’ve spent a wee bit too much time looking at parasiteology textbooks and icky medical pictures, you already know the answer to all of my questions. Eee-Bo-Lah! Tah-dah! I offer you the coop-wide Ebola epidemic:

Peepian Ebola Outbreak

Even Peeps aren't safe from the Ebola hemorrhagic fever

What? Too much talk of exploding heads and such? Did you use up all your red frosting on Valentine’s Day? You know what else heralds the start of Spring? A posse of Circus Freaks. One of the most fabulous things about Peeps isn’t their sugary outside, it’s their gooey, sticky marshmallow inside that just begs to be used for constructing Siamese Twins or Half Man Half Women. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Easter Circus Freak Show

Peep & Paat the Siamese Twins can't wait to hunt for eggs

If these glorious burts of spring joy have whet your Easter appetite, check out the full galleries and let me know what you think.

And least you think I’m all Peep’d out, stay tuned for my take on the Peep wreath. Mah ha ha.

© Josephine Lowry. Every time someone steals another person’s image and/or copy, a unicorn gets a tapeworm. Link to my blog instead.

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