Easter Island Easter Bonnets

Bam! Spam!

Bam! Spam!

Once upon a time, on an island far far away, there was an Easter Parade. And, like any good Easter celebration, there were bonnets. And Spam.

As delightful and mysterious as the statues on Easter Island are, they’re missing something. And it’s not just their eyeballs and bodies. They’re missing fetching, joyous bonnets. I shudder to think of the sunburns they must have on their hot Polynesian stone heads.

Easter Island Spam Heads

Easter Island Spam Heads

With all my dabbling with meat and my fondness for Spam musubi, this was my first foray into the magic of brick-shaped pressed meat. Overall, Spam is surprisingly easy to carve and I didn’t once cut myself (booyah!). And because I was overzealous in my Spam buying, I now have 3 cans of Spam in my End-of-the-World / PNW Earthquake / Zombie Apocalypse kit. Zombies won’t have dexterity to open the can.

Easter Island headsFor their eyes, I used radishes. Their hat brims were made from sliced potatoes and/or ham as it’s important to maintain the traditional Easter dinner ingredients.

Easter Spam headsFor the lovely tied ribbons and bows, I used carrot shavings. And luck. Not sure if you’ve ever tried to make a carrot ribbon bow, but I bet even Martha Stewart had several do-overs. And while I’m usually a stickler for fruit *or* vegetable, I pretended I was at a church potluck in Eastern Kentucky and used them together. Case in point: melon balls and radishes. Together. Lordy!

And so, it was. Heads were covered, parades were paraded, and no one got a sunburn.

Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets

Easter Island Easter Bonnets

Easter Island Easter Bonnets

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